Thursday, April 1, 2010

Importing a new project into Subversion

Every once in a while I have to import a new project into subversion. Invariably I end up having to remind myself of how to do this. Therefore as an easy way to find this I thought I would put it up on my blog. If anybody else finds it useful then all the better.

Firstly create your project in a structure similar to the following:

--- trunk
--- tags
--- branches

The trunk, tags and branches are all folders. Place the code you want to add into the trunk folder.

Then enter the following:

svn import ProjectName file:///path/to/repository/ProjectName -m "Initial sources"

This is the Unix/Mac version if you are working on Windows then you will need something more along the lines of:

svn import ProjectName file:///path/to/repository/ProjectName -m "Initial sources"

Once added I think check out a version to actually work against so in this case

svn co file:///path/to/repository/ProjectName/trunk ProjectName


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